Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Everything

I'm alone
But never lonely
Because I'm never quite alone
You are here with me
Holding me
Loving me
You always have been
And you always will be

You are alive
Always and Forever
You are in everything
You are my everything
My being
My life

What's Another Gray Cloud O'erhead

What's another gray cloud o'erhead
What's another drop of rain
What is death when you're already dead
In a life filled with pain
And every day's the same

He misses the man he used to be
He misses the people he used to see
Things were different than they are today
Good times came and went away
So there's not much left for him to say
Only "Good-bye and please forgive me"

Reason Enough

we're all dying slowly
that's reason enough to Live
we all need something
that's reason enough to give
we all have faults
that's reason Enough to sieve

we all haven't been somewhere
that's reason enough to go further
we have all Felt pain
that's reason enough to not suffer
I have felt her love
that's reason enough to love her

Mental Health

Brick walls
Locked Doors
These are the things of my mind

Long passage ways
Twists and Turns
Not an exit to find

Only an endless maze
Derived of Thought
Infinite Ideas
With meaning to be sought

Lost within my own self
My Memories
My Confabulations
Trying the limits of Mental Health

My Own

I've been up
I've been down
I've fallen in pits and I've climbed mountains
In good cheer I've drunk from fountains
in my sufferings I've drowned with smoke and beer.
I've lived in boxes and sat on thrones.
I've felt every feeling; they are my own.
I live each day; they are my own.
In every way I am my own.


Whoa, whoa

Slow, slow

No need to rush
No need to go
Pull up a chair
And stay awhile
Let me get you a cup
How bout some joe

Got a light
How bout a smoke
Now tell me how you've been
You ol' bloke

What's that
Say you're doin fine
The family's well
No reason to whine

What's that
You have to go so soon
Come back next week
Same time round noon

Be sure to come round 'gain
And let me know how you've be'n

My Kind of People

You look like my kind of people.
Even if your skins a different shade
I still see you as an equal.
We're actually quite the same.
We're all skin and bone and soul
And we all get wet in the rain.

Death's Greeting

My deepest fear is dying alone
Somewhere far from Home
In the woods or a field somewhere
All alone with no one there

Alone under desolate skies
No one there to close my eyes
No one there to hold my hand
As i lose my life as man

Nothing left but bones and flesh
A hollow body greeted by Death

Stars Ablaze

I daydream constantly
Looking into the sky
It's the only thing
In view of my eyes

I'd rather be staring
Into your gaze
It's far more beautiful
Than the stars above, ablaze


When the air is low
And the night is still
When my head hits the pillow
The questions are so real

Why is the sky blue
And the grass green?
Why is my soul blue
And the world so mean?

Present Thoughts of Past and Future Time








Time spent away

Time spent apart

But that time has not
Diluted the feelings
I possess for you

Because you possess me
My thoughts
My being
My time

Time spent in reflection

Of time

Time we used to share
And time dared spent together again

I'm Fine

I'm fine
That's a lie

I don't know how
I don't know why

The streets are all i have
And the stars in the sky

They are my only company
I spend my nights alone

No place to turn in
The earth my only home

Mine to freely drift
Mine to freely roam

I live without feeling
No memory or time

I live without a smile or laugh
nor a tear or whine

You may ask how i'm doing
I'll lie and tell you
I'm fine

Words Wash Upon Me Like the Waves of the Sea

Words wash upon me like the waves of the sea
Deciphering their meaning through the mist
Finding their way through the fog
To the ink of pen in hand

I cannot fight the ever-rising tide
It over comes me
Drowning me inside
The foam fills my head
And spills through my eyes

Sober Cries in a Drunken World

Sober cries in a drunken world
Visiting friends in an abandoned house
Finding time with a broken watch
To have a drink with a mouse

Driven across the sea
And takin’ a train to nowhere
Easy at worst a careful life
Livin’ without a care

Thoughtful are those
Whose hearts are kind
Chatting with the deaf
And touring the sights with the blind

Giving free haircuts to the barber
Breaking their bread with the baker
It’s nice to those
Who saves the soul of the ‘taker

Silent nights in a noisy town
To those who sleep not in a bed
For when the sun comes ‘round
It’s those whose dreams are as real as the earth o’erhead.

White Lies

Fake smiles
Mask little white lies
Hidden by disguise
A hidden desire
Hoping to die
Hoping to end his life
The life he doesn't have

Left lonely and burden
He's broken and hurtin
Wanting nothing more
Than to end the pain
Pain not seen by mortal eyes
Veiled by little white lies

I Spend My Nights in Misery

I spend my nights in misery
Suffering in this dark abyss
Dying inside
There's poison in your kiss
Taking a piece of my soul
With every breath you stole

You constricted the life from my heart
Ending it's beat
No pulse
No contest
No race
Finished before the start

When Will We Find The Time

When will we find the time
Time to seek
Time to be
Time to explore
Time to break down the walls
And go through the door
Out of this life
Out of this world
Into the unknown
As one

Smiles Come And Go

Smiles come and go
But you still have a hold
A hold on my heart
A hold on my soul
I need to
But I can't let go
Too afraid to be without you
Too afraid to be me

Oh, If I Were a Kite

Oh, if i were a kite
Floating on the breeze
I'd visit far away lands
And salty seas

Oh, if i were a kite
Floating on the breeze
I think i'd truly know
What it means to be free

What Are Words

What are words
But sounds
Sounds which
With rhythm
Can Create Music
Music that stirs Emotion
And arises Thought
Thoughts leading to Ideas
Ideas spoken freely
Into words
Immortal to human hands

First Post

So basically this will be a poetry blog where I will (what else?) post some of my poetry. A lot of it will be from dark times in my life when I didn't know God like I know Him now, some will be from relationships, some will just be ramblings and the like. I hope whoever reads might find some enjoyment from it.